Sharing The Weight is a non profit organization that makes and distributes weighted blankets to special needs children at no cost. We can only continue to provide blankets because of people willing to help share the weight.

We have a three year old son who has autism and after two and a half years of no sleep we figured out that his sensory diet needed to include compression shirts through the day and a weighted blanket at night. If either are missing he doesn't sleep. Without our occupational therapist offering a weighted blanket we would have never known. A weighted blanket made a world of difference to our whole family because we could all get some sleep!! By giving a blanket to a child with special needs you are not only giving to that child, but you are giving something huge to their family!!

We started Sharing The Weight because we wanted to help the autism community by donating 3 weighted blankets to our local AEA in honor of our son's third birthday. We asked for donations of fabric, thread, poly pellets and time. Our first event we had enough supplies for 12 blankets!! Each one of them were donated!! We realized that this was bigger than we had ever imagined and it has only expanded since then!!

An average five pound blanket costs about $20.00 to make and takes about 1 hour per pound of blanket to assemble.  Our blankets are washable because we are using poly pellets (plastic pieces) to weight them. They are all sewn with a triple stitch to help prevent poly pellets from escaping.

Specialty catalogs sell weighted blankets for $100 to $450 each!! Many children with special needs can not get weighted blankets because of the cost associated with them.

We accept donations of the following items:

  • Any kind of fabric as long as it is washable from a 1/2 yard on up. We make blankets out of fleece, cotton, flannel, etc.
  • Poly pellets
  • thread- any kind
  • monetary donations (used for supplies or shipping)

Any donation can be mailed to:

Sharing The Weight

132 W. 5th St.

Ottumwa, Iowa 52501

Monetary Donation
Donate $15 for shipping
Donate $30 to fund supplies and shipping for one blanket
Donate $60 to help fund supplies and shipping for 2 blankets